The future can be a dream or a nightmare, depending on your status in Metro City. The city is divided into two main sections, Low Town and High town. Each of these sections could be stand alone cities on their own, complete with stores, medical centers, law enforcement, and entertainment districts. No matter where the residents find themselves living, Credits are everything. Credits is the currency of Metro City.

Those who have few credits usually reside in Low Town and live desperate lives. Crime is common and overlooked here. The only people who are protected are those that can afford to bribe the Criminal Enforcers. Upper Town is home to the rich, famous, and powerful. In High Town, there is little crime, usually nothing more than white collar crimes like embezzlement. Usually the Criminal Enforcers are paid off and arrest a framed person. There is occasionally a murder as well, but again, a scapegoat is usually framed, arrested and either banished from the city or executed.

Beyond the “safety” of Metro City is an area called the “Zone.” It is a wild area, uncivilized, and incredibly violent. There is a Border Enforcement corp segment of the military that keep the vicious criminals of the Zone outside of Metro. The corps are called Interceptors and are some of the most violent people that can be found in Metro City. Some violent offenders of the city are sent to the Zone and are usually never heard from again. Places of worship are rare in Metro City as science has become the pervasive belief. With the cyber enhancements and medical advancements, the average life span is about 250. Imperfections can be fixed with enhancements, if you have the credits.

Life has been normal as of late, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, even the weather generators have been functioning perfectly. Tonight is the mayor’s birthday and he is having a huge party. You have received an invitation to attend it. It just so happens to be in Upper Town’s nicest establishment, Heaven’s Mirror. The invite tells you to be dressed semi-formal to formally, although you may wear official uniforms if you wish, and don’t forget a present for the mayor’s 102nd birthday.

The Invasion

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