The Invasion

The Factory

The body of the man Astro and Kincade chased down was sent to the morgue to have an autopsy done. Doyle got in touch with their liason to the mayor, Evan, and got a warrant to let them search wherever they decided they needed to. Doyle joined Astro and Kincade to start searching Low Town while Jack and Odessa stayed behind at the police station to question a bio-droid that was imprisoned for crushing the head of a police commissioner from a neighboring district. They found that the droid seemed to have a deep hatred of the mutants with the tentacles on their heads. They decided to take the droid with them.

More to be added…..

Ulterior Motives

Five strangers found themselves invited to the Mayor’s birthday party in High Town. These five individuals were not the sort that ever received invitations. Three are military personnel, one of whom is an Interceptor and rarely invited anywhere, let alone High Towns most elaborate establishment. One is a bounty hunter or mercenary, taking whatever jobs pay the highest and the final was a Criminal Enforcer, one of the police force assigned to High Town. They all decided the opportunity to see what High Town was all about was too much to pass up. They all got gifts for the mayor and went to the party, admittedly wondering why they were invited. The party was full of celebrities and powerful politicians. They were the only more “common” folk there and about an hour into the party, all five of them were invited up to the mayor’s private room.

Then they all found that they were indeed not invited for the party, but rather for a top secret and unofficial mission. There is a mark showing up all over Low and High Town, and on both sides of the walls separating Metro City from the Zone. The mayor explained that the day before, they caught a man trying to set up a bomb in High Town displaying that mark. They captured him, but before they could question him, he died, apparently from chewing a cyanide tablet. The mayor bid this group of strangers to investigate the marks and figure out what they mean, who they belong to, and stop them. They were told the rewards, should they survive, would be high and that many resources will be made available to them. After asking some questions, the group got started right away. Three of them decided to check out the body, while one patrolled the sky above Low Town, and the other painted over several of the marks while monitoring the surveillance.

Not long after the painting was completed, Kincade found himself at home speaking with Astro over the phone discussing possible courses of action. As they were talking, one of the cameras switched to static. He notified Astro and went for the door, only to find the mysterious mark had been painted on his own door. He told Astro and they both went in search of finding the person responsible, making sure to notify the rest of the group. Astro ended up finding a man huddled in the back corner of an alleyway. He shot him in the foot to prevent him from running, but the man turned to look at him and laughed. He then clenched his jaw and moments later was dead.

Before being notified of what happened, the three that went to check on the body had made interesting discoveries themselves. They discovered that despite having higher than healthy levels of radiation, the individual had been remarkably healthy. He had a liver that was three times the normal size and speculation was that it had been a beneficial mutation to help filter out the radiation. The other discovery they made was of two tentacle like appendages from the man’s head. The nerves from the appendages lead directly to the frontal lobe of the man’s brain and recommendations were made to take the head to do more research on what the appendages might be used for. At the end of the night, the group ended up with many more questions than answers.


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